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"Your astute observations and excellent summations of the panel’s contributions allowed the audience to engage with the event in a really meaningful way...

I had heard many great things about your skills as a facilitator and they were more than realised yesterday, not to mention your charm and comedic timing. Genius!"
ActionAid UK
participants 160

"Thank you for such expert facilitation - there were lots of really positive comments afterwards ...  It was a great help to have someone to make us think through the issues and to help us remind ourselves what expertise we have between us."
Womankind Worldwide
participants 30

"A very big thank you for applying your very special talents to our first Assembly meeting. Much of its success was due to your superb chairing. You brought a range of facilitation skills that gave direction, established a sense of security and released tremendous energy."
participants 360

"I wanted to thank you and to congratulate you for your wonderful chairing which set the tone for the occasion. From ActionAid’s perspective, the evening was all that we could have hoped for. You managed to balance celebration with reflection on the sobering accounts of what has to be done and undone. We could not have done better in anyone else’s hands."

audience 400

"The facilitation of the conference was very participatory and the methods used were very interesting" "Lets have Esuantsiwa Jane back!"
Karuna Trust Partners conference, India
participants 100

"The success of the project is attributed to Esuantsiwa Jane's excellent facilitation, organisation and group work skills"
Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth Health Authority
audience 20

“The Chair was one of the best chairs I have ever seen who handled very well time keeping, summarizing key points and a wonderful sense of humour”
Participant, International CEDAW Conference
audience 120

Facilitation and Chairing

Facilitating, chairing and planning meetings, conferences and assemblies of all sizes.

GLC 2013

Image: WaterAid General Leadership Convention, Sunningdale, 2013

Unique and engaging style

My informal, conversational, energetic and inclusive style helps to connect with the audience, no matter how large, so that participants feel they are the most important part of the event.

I use humour and Jane facilitatesincisive questioning of presenters and participants to help people expand their thinking, explore fresh ideas, and focus on outcomes and actions.

Image: Esuantsiwa Jane facilitates the 2009 ActionAid Staff Conference

My aim is to enable participants to feel engaged and connected with each other and have a quality experience from being part of the event, which will inspire them in their future work.

My Experience

I have a wide-ranging experience of chairing meetings and conferences of up to 400 people at international, national and local levels, including:

Actionaid chair
Image: Esuantsiwa Jane chairing One World Action/ Womankind Joint Conference on CEDAW, 2010


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