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Our Service

All our sessions are inclusive, non-judgmental and fun!

Our starting point is the participants’ own experience.

No-one coasts through our courses and meetings!

Our sessions are energetic and purposeful and result in practicable, positive outcomes.

Quality Assurance
We value your feedback and carry out regular evaluation of our work.

All our services are provided in complete confidence.

We have worked with over 100 clients in the not-for-profit sector, some of these include:

Curriculum Vitae

See Jane's C.V. (PDF)


Anona Development Consultancy was formed in 1995 by Jane Jane Esuantsiwa GoldsmithEsuantsiwa Goldsmith who has over 30 years’ experience working in the voluntary sector.

She is currently Convener of ActionAid International Assembly and an Ambassador for the Women’s Resource Centre.

A strong figure in the women’s movement, Esuantsiwa Jane was formerly a Commissioner at the Women’s National Commission and is former Chair of both the Fawcett Society and the Gender and Development Network.

She has had extensive experience working alongside government ministers, and key figures in the statutory and voluntary sector in the UK and internationally.

Esuantsiwa Jane has family in the UK and Ghana. She is leading development projects in her community in West Africa in her official capacity as the Queen Mother of Development of her village.

Our Mission

Anona Development offers high-quality, dynamic strategic planning, teambuilding, organisational development, mentoring, coaching and chairing large meetings and events.

We focus on concrete outcomes and impact.

We encourage our clients to create a vision of success: what will it look like, feel like, taste like, smell like, when we get there?

About Us

The consultancy's aim is to be an energiser and motivator and to contribute positive thinking.

We use original, dynamic, experiential, participatory techniques with and for clients - humour is our speciality! We help to build systems which work for people and which enable them to develop and flourish.

We work with a team of associates for support with our business development and our policy and projects.

Our associates’ team are:

Our in-house team - Charlotte and Chris provide the excellent research and office support.

Jane and assistant Lowri at the Anona Office

Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Anona Development Consultancy promotes and celebrates diversity.

We work to a high ethical standard and ensure that anti-discriminatory practice is built into all aspects of our work.


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